Faro Blanco Lighthouse

Marathon, Florida | C.1950

Photo Credit: Ori Ramon

Bobbing within the waters of the Faro Blanco Resort and Yacht Club, docked fishing boats and luxury yachts surround a central structure that has kept watch – though unofficially – over the Resort’s marina for more than 50 years. The structure is the Faro Blanco Lighthouse, a decorative & functional light that has some mysterious beginnings.

Located on Marathon Key in the Florida Keys, the Lighthouse was built during a time of rapid expansion. The population doubled on the Keys in the 1950s, and many motels and businesses popped up – among them the Faro Blanco Marina and Yacht Club. The Lighthouse was designed by Les Barrett and built by a local contractor, but not much else is known about its origins.

Standing 65 feet high, the active light has served as a private aid to navigation for boats departing and arriving at the Marina. She stood strong through multiple hurricanes over the years, but, it was Hurricane Wilma in 2005 that damaged the beloved Lighthouse beyond repair.

After Wilma, the Faro Blanco property was condemned and would not reopen for nine long years of rebuilding. The Lighthouse was also fully restored, and topped off with a new coat of paint, signage, and a brand new lantern.

Beyond its private function within the Marina, the Lighthouse has served as more of a residential fixture than a maritime guide. At one time, the Resort owner and his family even lived in the Lighthouse; other times it was rented out as a suite. Today, the Lighthouse continues to stand watch over the marina and is home to the Resort’s Dockmaster Office.

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