Tangalle, Sri Lanka | C.2005

Photo Credit: Ranmalee Dias

Derived from the Sanskrit word for “peace,” aman, and the Sinhalese word for “beach,” wella, the coastal resort of Amanwella fulfills the idyllic promise of its name. Located in the southern port town of Tangalle, the resort also exemplifies the style known as tropical modernism.

The movement, launched by Sri Lanka-born Geoffrey Bawa, softens modernism’s formal qualities and uses raw local materials—so that the surrounding environment dictates the structures constructed within it. The late architect inspired this fresh, open aesthetic for his country and others nearby. And Amanwella, with its clean angles and authentically sourced lines of entry, is among the warm locales that pay tribute to Bawa’s enduring vision.

📖 Featured on Page 265 of AWA, The Book 📖

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