Christopher Gilson

Adventurer since January 2022

New Haven, CT

Tea, Reasons, Post, Go, Owe, Great, Empire, Watch, Piano, Effect, Sunday, Amaze, Paid, Inside, Awful, Kind, Like, Inspired, Think, Black, Friends, Thing, Picked, Hair, Thanks, Plus, Books, Work, Arrests, Shifts, Once, Fantasy, Voice, Need, Boxing, Episode, Jester, Ding, Serious, Wind, Should, Free, News, Afternoon, Jets, Revenge, Go, Football, Video, Highest, Decide, Opinion, Theatres, My, Opening, Relieved, Betrayed, Not, Visiting, Naturally, Night, Madness, Spent, Shy, Win, Empty, Happy, Eat, Weekly, End, Feelings, TV, Bastards, Partner, Wondering, Slammed, Bored, Movie, Need, Great, Parents, Remote, Homemade, Evening, Required, Guys, Places, Justice, Search, Nature, Charts, Telling, Digital, Fight, Created, Foot, Tattoo, Miss, Relaxing, Review, Show, Done, State, Morning, Break, Proud, Huge, Epic, Shoot, Writes, For, Modern, Piece, Head, Gone, Get, Love, Seen, Good, Day.


Armchair Explorer

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