Storm Mountain Lodge

Banff National Park, Canada | C.1922

Photo Credit: Jae Kim

The iconic North American log cabin: a primitive shelter to keep out the cold and curious creatures of the wild composed of stacked logs laid horizontally to make four right-angled walls with a purlin or rafter roof structure for covering.

Living in a log cabin summons the idea of living with nature and living off the grid, with a sense of sustainability. A woodfire stove to generate heat and no running water. Seems like a comfortable way to live, no? Well, in the tradition of log cabin living, Storm Mountain Lodge ditches the ‘connected’ routine and welcomes a rustic “old-clothes vacation” to all in need of a cozy break from mainlined society demands.

The Lodge is located at Vermillion Pass (elevation 1708 m.), which is the pinnacle point and end to Banff-Windermere Highway, and yet the beginning one’s spellbinding views of the Mountain.

In order to promote tourism along the coast-to-coast Canadian Pacific Railway, and showcase the indomitable Canadian Rocky Mountains, Storm Mountain Lodge was built as one of eight Bungalow Camps composed of a log lodge with a verandah, six log bungalows plus a public bathhouse and bathroom. The original lodge and bungalows are still used today.

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