Days’ Cottages

Cape Cod, Massachusetts | C.1931

Photo Credit: Eefee Wu

Sometimes folly can turn into fortune. For Joseph A. Days, his failed dream lead to the birth of Days’ Cottages — a now iconic summer destination in the North Truro community of Cape Cod. But it was the obstacles along the way that make this beachside community truly special.

In the 1920s, Joseph dreamed of moving his home to the beach in nearby North Truro. After purchasing acres of open land, he moved forward with his plan. Little did Joseph know that the Great Depression loomed in the future and he and his construction company would be hit hard by the economic collapse.

Instead of transporting his home to its new coastal destination as planned, he found himself burning sections of it in a bonfire on the beach. The failed move – and the acres of unused land – became known as Days’ Folly. But this initial setback didn’t faze Joseph. He was soon onto his next big idea — building beach cottages along the pieces of land where he once imagined his home.

Construction kicked into gear almost immediately. Within a year these simple two-bedroom abodes, clad in natural cedar with an open-air porch overlooking the water were officially opened to travelers.

The Cottages were such an instant hit, that Joseph doubled-down, building thirteen more the following year. Once completed his wife Amelia decided to give each cottage the name of a flower as a finishing touch. Today, Days’ Cottages remain a Cape Cod landmark — and a reminder that even the most unexpected detours can lead to new dreams coming true.

Written By: Kelly Murray

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