Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Gartner Auditorium

A grand organ's renovated concert space is housed in an unexpected institution.

Killyleagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Killyleagh Castle

Ireland’s oldest castle—and among the most ancient, still-inhabited castles in the world.

Dublin, Ireland

Boland Mills

This formidable factory building played a pivotal role in the Easter Rising of 1916.

New York, New York, United States

Katz’s Delicatessen

As New York City’s oldest active original Jewish deli, Katz’s is an unquestioned institution of both culinary and cultural influence.

AWA Visted Here

Hampton, Virginia, United States

Hampton Coliseum

This stadium became a mecca for devoted Deadheads who flocked to “The Mothership,” named for the building’s spaceship-like exterior.

Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania, United States

Phipps Conservatory

The Conservatory is considered one of the greenest facilities in the world.

Bruges, Belgium

Provinciaal Hof

Built in 1892, the Provinciaal Hof was formerly used for provincial government meetings in Bruges.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Old Waverley Hotel

The Old Waverley Hotel is a former temperance hotel located in Edinburgh's famed Princes Street.

Valsassina, Italy

Cazzaniga-Merlini Refuge

Perched high atop a rock spur, the Refuge keeps watch over the Orobie Alps and offers respite to mountaineers and hikers passing through.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Imperial Palace

At the center of the city nested inside Kyoto Imperial Park was the former home of Japan’s Emperor where a distinctly involved enthronement ceremony takes place.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Hi-Spy Viewfinder

Admired for their robust durability, their heavy-duty structure enables them to sustain intense usage.

Tonopah, Nevada, United States

Tonopah Fire Station

The Tonopah Fire Station was created to protect a newly developed Nevada mining town in the early 1900s.

Catskills, New York, United States

Fire Observation Tower

Still standing today, stretching skyward to nearly fifty feet, and made of steel.

Jackson Center, Ohio, United States

Airstream Trailer

The Airstream legacy lives on today in a number of ways, as Wally’s company continues innovating in his style, adding a range of enhanced models to the family.

Reykjavik, Iceland


The Althing has convened every year since 930 A.D. making it the longest running parliament in the world.

Milton, Delaware, United States

Futuro House

This did not come from space, it came from Finland!

Manningtree, United Kingdom

A House for Essex

Inspired by Russian Stave churches, this home is a collaboration between artist Grayson Perry and the design firm Fat Architecture.

Prague, Czech Republic

Petřiny Station

Built to extend Line A, the Petřiny Station is the largest underground tunnel on the Prague Metro.

Montreal, Canada

Centre d’histoire de Montréal

Currently housed in a historic fire station, the Centre d'histoire de Montréal contains over 4,000 artifacts of Montreal history.

Porto, Portugal

Farol de Felgueiras

Situated at the Mouth of the Douro River, this lighthouse welcomes ships to the ancient Portuguese city of Porto.

Helsingborg, Sweden

Sofiero Palace

The former summer home of the royal Swedish family, the Sofiero Palace has a rich history and an expansive array of spectacular gardens.

Edinburgh, UK

Royal Commonwealth Pool

This public pool house, now a category-A listed building in Edinburgh, represented Scotland's attempt to become a world power following World War II.

Bourg-Saint-Maurice, France

Les Arcs

This aerial funicular, the only in France, lifts guests to the environmentally-conscious Les Arcs ski resort in less than seven minutes.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Taxi

Tokyo's taxi cabs still have a unique feature installed to impress foreigners who visited the city for the 1964 Olympics.

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Faro Los Morillos

The Los Morillos Light in Puerto Rico is surrounded by salt-rich coves, where salt mining has been an important industry for centuries.

O'ahu, Hawaii, United States

Makapu’u Point Lookout

The largest Fresnel lens in the world tops a lighthouse near this handsome viewfinder.

Doha, Qatar

Khalifa International Stadium

Renovated and reopened in 2017, this beloved football stadium is set to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup - the first ever in the Middle East.

Budapest, Hungary

Gellert Thermal Baths

Built between 1912 and 1918 in the Art Nouveau style, this bath complex is part of the famous Hotel Gellert in Budapest and is considered the "Palace of Baths".

Milan, Italy

Turati Station

This Milan Metro station was conceived and built to accommodate crowds for the 1990 Football World Cup.

Auronzo di Cadore, Italy

Cappella degli Alpini

This small chapel in the Alps marks the starting point for a moderate-level hike through rocky terrain, dense forests, and an old World War II tunnel.

Udine, Italy

Stadio Friuli

This Italian "all-seater", with no standing room, soccer stadium is best known for hosting the 1990 FIFA World Cup.

New York, New York, USA

Joyce Theater

On March 17, 2017, Hugh Hardy, famed New York City architect, died after attending a show at this theater, the same one he helped renovate in 1981.

Dorking, United Kingdom


With almost 12,000 built during its first year, this three-wheeled bubble car was considered an instant success in 1955.

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